Ghostwriting: our writing talent, your online success


Tom Baeten
May 14, 2024

Imagine your website and LinkedIn profile brimming with compelling copy. Written by you. ‘Tis to say, written by our copywriters, but hush, no one needs to know that. We process your input into striking texts, and you publish them on your behalf. Copyright is also yours, so you can reuse our words as much as you like.

5 reasons to hire a ghostwriter

Why our clients let us write their content? They have good reasons. We list the 5 most important ones for you:

1. No time

You surely know the commercial value of strong content, but you may not find the time to write blog articles or LinkedIn contributions. After all, inspiring content is not something you write 1-2-3. You need to do the necessary research in advance, conduct interviews, brainstorm, find interesting angles, etc.

2. No writing skills

Writing talent is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires not only creativity, but also the art of expressing your thoughts clearly. Our content team writes online content every day. They are experienced copywriters who know how to build a good blog article, a converting landing page or compelling LinkedIn content.

3. No knowledge of digital marketing

Activating online content not only needs to be aptly written, it also requires in-depth knowledge of digital marketing. Because your text only makes a real impact when it reaches your target audience at the right time, through the right channel. And, of course, you want your texts to convert. Your target audience taking the actions you are waiting for: contacting you, clicking through to your website, … Your ghostwriter knows the ins and outs of online marketing and is happy to help you think about your content strategy.

4. Strategic consideration

Even if you do have the talent to write content, it can be a smart choice to outsource your copywriting. That way, you can focus on your core activities and on what you really enjoy doing. Consider the following: what is your own hourly rate, and how much time do you spend on content? What is cheaper: writing it yourself or outsourcing it to professional ghostwriters?

5. Insufficient understanding of LinkedIn

All our copywriters are passionate about LinkedIn, know the latest features and know how the algorithm works. LinkedIn is our core business, the beating heart of Winger Academy. We help our clients achieve success on this professional networking platform not only through training, but also by writing their LinkedIn content. We provide compelling company and personal profiles, posts and articles they use to build thought leadership, … you name it, we write it.

Give your brand a resounding voice

To build thought leadership, you obviously need to unveil your knowledge. Because your organisation may be an authority in your field, but it’s not easy to show that in a powerful way. Our ghostwriters know how to build authority: they immerse themselves in your field and respond to the questions and problems your target audience is struggling with. They build a portfolio with which you demonstrate your expertise: white papers that delve deeper into relevant themes, inspiring blog articles, contributions that respond to current events, etc.

Clear input = powerful output

Even though our copywriter does the writing for you, ghostwriting remains a co-creation. We want to understand exactly what message you want to convey, who your target audience is and what tone of voice best suits it. And that’s why we need your input. Don’t worry, we ask the right questions to gather the necessary information. All you have to do is answer. An additional advantage is that our questions are thought-provoking. You too learn and sharpen your vision by consciously considering the message of your content.

More than just words

Conclusion? Content creation involves much more than ‘writing pretty texts’. It requires thought, an understanding of content strategy, research and great empathy with your target audience. Copywriting is only successful if it is effective. When the texts appeal to and activate your target group. The result: a stronger brand and increasing sales.

Would you like to know how our ghostwriters can help you become a thought leader in your field? You can find us here.

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At Winger Academy, we’re not satisfied until you get results. We turn your LinkedIn company page and profile into a golden business card and create LinkedIn content that really scores.

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