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Strategic advice

In addition to LinkedIn consulting, Winger Academy will also assist you in human resources, marketing, and sales. We develop a future-oriented strategy tailored to the hybrid world. The result? A solid course for the ultimate benefit of your organization.


How to position yourself as an expert? How to turn your employees into ambassadors? How to find the right employees through LinkedIn? Our LinkedIn experts will teach you everything you need to know. Choose a training course or create one yourself.

Marketing agency

No time or desire to do it yourself? Trust our social media marketing specialists, graphic designers, and copywriters for your social media and content marketing. From LinkedIn ads to a complete website, Winger Academy has got you covered.

Ready to take it to the next level? Let’s talk!

Being able to strengthen your organization through our LinkedIn expertise, that is our true mission.

If we didn’t believe in it, we certainly wouldn’t do it. At Winger Academy, we truly believe in the power of LinkedIn. Our enthusiasm completely transcends algorithms. Every day, we witness entrepreneurs succeed because of their constant investment in their own knowledge. We train you, help you thanks to essential advice and we even do the work for you.

Reading material or learning material? Food for thought!

Increase your sales in the summer

Increase your sales in the summer

Apply these proven strategies to prevent a summer slump Oooh summer… A time for relaxing, vacation and enjoying the outdoor life. Swimsuits are taken out of the closet, the barbecue is used on a regular basis and the suitcases are taken from the attic to pack for...

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