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Become a LinkedIn expert

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Become a LinkedIn-expert

from it!

Learn. Connect. Convert.

LinkedIn is more than just your online business card. It’s your ticket to professional success. But how can you create a strong profile? How do you come across as an expert? What are the dos and don’ts of networking? And how do you write a message that will surely be read by your target audience? You can learn all of this and more through our training courses.

Formule 1:
Create a training course yourself for your organization

Many entrepreneurs organize training courses for their teams with the objective of inspiring their employees to use LinkedIn successfully. A coach thus comes to your company to coach your employees. Or, we can also work together to create a combination of online and in-person training courses.

Formule 2:
Sign up for a training course that we already offer

The Winger Academy regularly organizes LinkedIn training courses regarding specific topics such as using Sales Navigator for prospecting, personal branding, LinkedIn fundamentals, etc. You are able to sign up as an individual or as a group. The courses take place online on scheduled dates.

Do you meet the criteria to access the KMO portfolio?

Well then, we have good news. The Winger Academy is, in fact, a recognized training institution, which means you can get up to a 30% discount on your training courses.

What do you want to achieve on LinkedIn?

Company Branding: Create a strong branding for your company

Personal Branding: Present yourself as an expert in your field

Lead generation:Expand your network, segment, and sell

Recruitment: Find the people who will bring your company forward and make it grow

Employer Branding:Present yourself as the ideal employer

Ambassadorship:Transform your employees and collaborators into loyal ambassadors

Tom en Valerie to the rescue

Tom Baeten

Sales & marketing consultant

Tom is a purebred sales professional. Besides, LinkedIn holds no secrets for him at all. Tom knows how to build a marketing strategy on LinkedIn that delivers tangible results. His personal mission: to share this knowledge with entrepreneurs so they can use LinkedIn successfully.

Valerie Deweirdt

HR consultant

Helping organizations select suitable employees: that’s what makes Valerie’s heart beat. Her years of experience as an HR consultant, combined with a deep understanding of recruitment on LinkedIn, those two things make Valerie the ideal strategic partner for your employer branding.

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