The six best new LinkedIn features of 2023!


Tom Baeten
January 31, 2024

In 2023, LinkedIn experienced significant changes, adding an impressive array of new features that changed the way we profile, promote and network professionally.

In this blog, I’d like to share which are the six features that really made a difference for us and our clients.

1. ‘Celebrations’:
share important milestones with your network

LinkedIn’s ‘Celebrations’ feature allows you to share crucial milestones in your career with your professional network. So you can share successes like a new job, promotion or a work anniversary and enhance your professional image.
Sharing highlights not only leads to more recognition, but also generates new opportunities and connections. A powerful way to shape your professional trajectory and share it with the world.

Check out the celebrations in your network here:

I posted this about the topic a year ago:

2. Premium CTA profile button option:
personalise your profile even more

Another notable addition, though only for Premium accounts, is a customised call-to-action button. This allows you to effectively promote what matters most to you: attracting visitors to your website, promoting a blog or highlighting a new product. This personalised CTA button is a new way to attract attention to your profile and work towards your goals.

Read more about the CTA button here:

3. Extended metrics for content creators:
deeper insights into your success

For content creators on LinkedIn, knowledge of the performance of their posts is crucial. The extended statistics for content creators offer just that. With deeper insights into the results of your posts, you have a better understanding of what is working and what’s not.

An indispensable feature to optimise your strategy and work in a more targeted way. And simply a valuable addition for anyone serious about content creation on this platform.

4. ‘Featured’ for company pages:
spotlight on your company

‘Featured’ for personal profiles exists since 2020 and was warmly welcomed by most members. Thanks to this success, LinkedIn decided to roll it out for company pages as well. With the introduction of ‘Featured’ for company pages, companies can now highlight their most valuable content like: notable projects, success stories, or important announcements. A new opportunity to win over potential customers and partners.

How does ‘featured’ for company pages work?
Find out here:

5. ‘Photo’ and ‘video’ replaced by ‘media’:
literally, a beautiful upgrade

A visual upgrade for LinkedIn: ‘photo’ and ‘video’ have been replaced by the more generic ‘media’. That way companies can share a wider range of visual content, including images, infographics and even presentations.
Moreover, you can ‘shuffle’: change the order of your photos in an easy way.

You now dispose of a whole arsenal of options to tell your story in a creative and visually appealing way.

Check out the ‘media’ feature here:

6. ‘Post scheduler’ for company pages:
manage content more efficiently

Last, but not least and very welcome is the extension of the ‘post scheduler’ for company pages. This long-awaited feature makes it easier for businesses to plan and execute their content strategy. Because as a business, scheduling your posts in advance amounts to more consistent communication with your target audience, even when you are busy with other tasks.

I wrote about this feature in this post:

In short, with these six new features, LinkedIn turned you into a pro in 2023 for sharing content and therefore professional networking. For individual accounts as well as businesses.

Explore, experiment and discover how these features optimise your LinkedIn experience and that of your target audience.

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