LinkedIn Recruiter & Recruiter Lite help you fill in vacancies faster with the right candidates


Tom Baeten
October 17, 2022

Everything you want to know about the recruitment subscriptions of the professional platform LinkedIn

The war on talent is more prominent than ever before. Only within the first quarter of 2021, the number of vacancies increased with 22,51%. This makes it more difficult than ever for recruiters to fill in vacancies with candidates that are a perfect fit. Luckily LinkedIn offers two handy recruitment subscriptions to help recruiters out. In this blog you’ll learn how you can use Recruiter and Recruiter Lite in your search for new employees. 

With its recruitment subscriptions, LinkedIn wants to give employers and HR managers access to a broad talent pool. By using numerous search functions and other useful tools, it’s easier and less time-consuming to find and hire the right candidates. LinkedIn has two different subscriptions: Recruiter and Recruiter Lite. 

The Recruiter subscription is aimed at companies that are regularly looking for new team members. The Recruiter Lite subscription, on the other hand, is designed for people who are only looking to hire a few times a year. The features within the Recruiter Lite subscription are therefore less extensive, but consequently the monthly cost is also lower. Whereas regular Recruiter subscribers pay $825 per month, the bill of Recruiter Lite subscribers only is $119.99 per month.

The five biggest differences between the LinkedIn recruiting subscriptions 

1. Possibility to collaborate 

If your team consists of more than one recruiter and you’d like to look for the right candidate together, you can only do this via the regular Recruiter subscription. Only this option gives you the possibility to share data with each other and collaborate on recruitment projects.

2. Access to profiles


Recruiter Lite

Besides your close contacts and second-degree connections, you can contact connections up to the third degree by using Recruiter Lite. The number of profiles you’d like to view is also unlimited.


The Recruiter subscription gives you access to an even larger talent pool and allows you to search for your new employees amongst ALL LinkedIn members. 

3. Available search filters

Recruiter Lite

Recruiter Lite offers just over 20 search filters to make your search more specific. The candidate’s current job title, place of residence and previous employers are a few examples of the available search filters. 

You can also save the search filters that you’ve used in your search. This is possible for 10 searches within the Recruiter Lite subscription. This way, you can redo your searches in the future. LinkedIn will also send you a notification when they find a profile that matches one of your saved searches.


Within this subscription, you can search for the right candidate through more than 40 different search filters. A great filter you can use for example is asking the search tool to show you profiles that have the same qualities as your current best-performing employees. 

Saving searches is also possible within the Recruiter subscription. You can even save up to 50 searches with this plan.

4. InMail messages

Recruiter Lite

If you find a candidate that you’d like to contact, you can do this via an InMail message! People with a Recruiter Lite subscription receive 30 InMail credits per month. You can also see which of your mailing templates generated the most responses to reuse them later.


Each team member that’s part of the Recruiter subscription receives 150 InMail credits per month. With this subscription you can also send bulk messages to different candidates. You can send a maximum of 25 messages at the same time. 

5. A pipeline for your recruitment process

Only via the Recruiter subscription it’s possible to get a complete overview of the pipeline of your recruitment process. In this pipeline, you can add profiles to projects or open vacancies. You can also give profiles a status, add notes and even upload attachments like resumes. 

For more questions about the LinkedIn recruitment subscriptions, you can always contact the Winger team! 

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