What is the added value of LinkedIn Premium?


Tom Baeten
October 3, 2022

An overview of the different subscriptions and their features

“Try premium for free”: a message that non-premium LinkedIn members receive on a daily basis. But what does such a premium subscription include? Does it have a big added value? And are the free features not sufficient to get results from the platform? Today, we’ll give you an overview of all the different subscriptions and features to figure out if they’re worth it. 

The different subscriptions 

LinkedIn offers four different premium subscriptions, each aimed at a different target group: 

  • Premium Career is the subscription for job seekers who want to use the professional platform as a stepping stone to their next job. 
  • Premium Business is the package aimed at business leaders. It gives them more insights into how they, as well as their competitors, score on LinkedIn so they can further develop their business based on this information. 
  • Recruiter Lite, as the name suggests, is aimed at recruiters. This subscription contains numerous features that make it faster and easier for them to find the right talent. 
  • Sales Navigator is a tool that helps sales professionals both with prospecting and with generating leads and sales via LinkedIn. 


Curious about the premium features? Discover our favorites:

InMail messages
With InMail, you can contact LinkedIn members via chat messages and/or via mail (depending on the settings in the communications tab). Where non-paying members can only contact certain profiles, premium members can network with every LinkedIn user via InMail messages. 

As an applicant, you can use this feature to contact HR managers. This way, your application will immediately stand out from the regular submissions. As a company manager, this feature is also interesting since you can use your position while expanding your network. 

Find out who viewed your profile
A major frustration of many non-premium members is that you can only see who the 5 most recent visitors to your profile were. Because these visitors could be potential employers or customers, it can be beneficial to contact them. By becoming a premium LinkedIn member, you’ll get to see who visited your profile in the last 90 days. 

Full access to LinkedIn Learning courses
Would you like to sharpen your skills in order to land that one job? Or are there certain qualities you’d like to develop as a business owner? With LinkedIn Learning, premium members get access to more than 17 thousand courses taught by experts. Calling this a valuable source of information would be an understatement! 

Preparation for job interviews 
Only available for Premium Career 

Through the Premium Career subscription, LinkedIn helps job seekers prepare for their next job application process. The platform will for example give you access to common interview questions, including the possible answers. This way, you’ll be perfectly prepared for your next job interview. 

Unlimited searching
Only available for Premium Business 

Can’t find what you were looking for within the top of the search results? Then you can easily scroll further if you have a Premium Business subscription. 

Insights into job applications
The Premium Career subscription helps you find the perfect job for you. The platform matches your profile to vacancies and tells you how well the job matches your education, experiences and skills on a scale of 1 to 5. This way, you immediately know if the vacancy is worth applying for. 

Business insights 
Only available for Premium Business 

Besides your own company insights, every business leader is curious about how well the competition is doing. The business insights feature of the Premium Business subscription gives you access to all kinds of interesting data from both your competitors as well as other players within your industry. You can for example see how your competitors’ employee count has grown over time and you can also consult which employees left the company within 2 years. 


Would you like to gain more insight into the extra features that sales navigator and LinkedIn recruiter offer? Then we would like to refer you to our blog posts. Click here


Conclusion: is LinkedIn Premium worth it? 

If you find the features useful and you think you’ll use them on a regular basis, the investment in a premium subscription will definitely pay itself back in the long run. In our opinion, becoming a premium member is worthwhile, and we recommend everyone who is interested in the features to take advantage of the free 30-day trial period. 

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