10 tips to increase the number of followers on your LinkedIn Company Page


Tom Baeten
October 14, 2021

10 tips to increase the number of followers on your LinkedIn Company Page


Gaining more followers is a goal that’s on the KPI list of almost every LinkedIn Company Page manager. Curious how you can expand this follower list beyond your own employees and immediate circle? With the following 10 tips you’ll definitely boost your current follower count!

1. Complete and update your Company Page

Before you get started with any of the other tips from this article, it’s important to first complete and update your Company Page. Research has shown that incomplete Company Pages reach 30% less people and are considered less attractive to follow.

A good Company Page should definitely contain the following elements:

  • A profile picture with the company logo
  • An attractive banner
  • A slogan of 120 characters
  • An informative and inviting information field of 2.000 characters
  • A reference to the website and other contact information (address, telephone number, etc.)
  • An overview of your company’s specialisations
  • Some interesting posts

2. Actively invite connections via LinkedIn

If you’re the co-manager of a Company Page, you can actively invite your personal connections. You can do this by clicking on Admin Toolsin the top right corner and then selecting Invite Connections . Now you can use all sorts of filters (sector, company, name, school, etc.) to determine which connections are interesting to invite.

All administrators can together invite a maximum of 100 connections per month. Every person you send an invitation, receives a push notification about this. For each accepted invite, you also receive one extra credit to invite someone new.





3. Refer to the Company Page with a follow button via several sources

You can also gather new followers for your Company Page via external communication sources. Adding a follow button to your website, email signature or newsletters can direct people to your Company Page.

This also makes customers and other contacts aware of the page’s existence, which can result in new followers. Also use a QR code that people can scan to visit your page.

4. Share interesting content in a consistent way

To attract more followers, you need to give people a reason to follow you. The best way to do this is by consistently sharing interesting content.

Within your content strategy, you should focus on a mix of inspiring, entertaining, educational and converting content. It’s also important that you alternate between different content forms such as photo, video and text.

Also regularly check which topics are trending among your target audience and adjust your content accordingly. Valuable content will definitely result in new followers!

5. Boost the reach of your content via tags, hashtags and engagement

The greater the reach of your posts, the greater the chance that new people will follow your page. To give your reach an extra boost, you can apply the following 3 techniques:

  • Tags: By tagging people in your posts, you can easily reach the network of the tagged people. Just make sure that the people you tag are aware of your post so they can react on it. Also tag your colleagues and use pictures to deliver a personal touch.
  • Hashtags: When you add relevant hashtags to your post, your content will be shown to people who follow these hashtags or mention them in their search. Watch out: the algorithm defines who gets to see what… Always make sure to use hashtags that fit well with the subject of your post and never add more than 3-5 hashtags per post.
  • Engagement: The LinkedIn algorithm loves engagement. To increase your reach, you can stimulate this engagement in your posts. You can do this by asking questions in your post or by encouraging people to leave a like or comment.

The LinkedIn algorithm loves engagement. Stimulate interection on your post to increase your reach.

6. Increase the findability of your Company Page through SEO

Just like you can SEO-proof your website to be found in the search engines, you can also optimise your LinkedIn Company Page for this purpose. You can do this by including relevant keywords in the different sections of your page.

Publishing LinkedIn articlesis also a great way to increase your SEO score and to be found via both LinkedIn and Google. The more people find your page, the bigger the chance on new followers.


7. Aks coworkers for a little help

To get the ball rolling, any push is welcome. You can always ask colleagues or employees to like your posts or leave a comment.

This will give your post an initial boost, and will hopefully help them reach future new followers.

8. Ensure a certain exclusiveness

When all your LinkedIn content is also shared via your other social media channels, people won’t feel a need to specifically follow your LinkedIn page.

That’s why it’s important to ensure a certain exclusivity for each channel. You can for example exclusively publish content about specific topics via LinkedIn, which will give people the need to follow your Company Page.

When all your LinkedIn content is also posted on other social channels, there is no specific need or reason to follow your LinkedIn page.

9. Use paid advertising to reach potential new followers

LinkedIn advertising doesn’t only allow you to boost your posts a little, but also allows you to send out an ad to potential new followers within your ideal target group.

Via numerous targeting options you can attract the right followers and expand your reach exponentially.

10. Become a Company Page ambassador through your personal profile

Share content through your personal profile in which you act as an ambassador for your company. This way, you can encourage your connections to also follow your Company Page.

Also make sure you add a link to your Company Page to your personal profile to refer visitors.




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