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Tom Baeten
October 1, 2021

The benefits of outsourcing personal LinkedIn profile management

Does your busy schedule keep you from creating LinkedIn content for your personal profile? Do you feel a lack of inspiration? Or does LinkedIn feel like a big unknown black boxfor you? Then outsourcing your personal profile management might be a good idea! In this blog post we reveal all the benefits of outsourcing and answer some frequently asked questions about this topic.

The importance of a well-managed personal LinkedIn profile

Besides consistently posting qualitative content via your Company Page, it’s also important to pay sufficient attention to your personal LinkedIn profile. Curious why?

  • As a business owner or employee, you should act as an ambassador for your company. The values and activities of the company should therefore be reflected in your personal content.

  • 33% of B2B decision makers use LinkedIn to research their future purchases. This research doesn’t only happen via Company Pages, but also by scanning the personal profiles behind these pages.

  • LinkedIn is the most important channel when it comes to thought leadership. Positioning yourself as an expert within your field can bring you great opportunities.

  • There is no better social media platform for lead generation than LinkedIn. This professional platform proves to be 277% more effective in terms of lead generation in comparison to Facebook and Twitter. These leads aren’t only generated via Company Pages, but also often via personal profiles.


Outsourcing Personal profile management: The advantages

Outsourcing the daily management of a company page is a common phenomenon in 2021. Because of the following 5 benefits, the management of personal LinkedIn profiles is increasingly being outsourced:

1. More time for your core business

Many entrepreneurs have an extremely busy schedule, resulting in a lack of time to spend on tasks like LinkedIn content management. Quickly creating a post in between meetings often isn’t the solution, since these posts won’t yield many results. If you outsource the content creation for your personal profile to an external partner, you’ll have more time to spend on your core business and you’ll achieve more results from your content in the long run.

2. A result-oriented and converting strategy

Together with your external content manager, you’ll determine why you want to be active on LinkedIn as a professional. Maybe you want to boost your sales, attract new employees or expand your network? Every post that your content manager creates, will contribute to the execution of this strategy. This way, each post will bring you one step closer to achieving your goals.

3. A full team of experts at your disposal

Your content manager is part of a content expert team, in which each expert has their own specialisation. This way, you’ll get access to a digital marketeer, a copywriter, a graphic designer and a data analyst. These experts all have a lot of experience in their specific field and are always up-to-date with the newest features and trends, so you can outsource your content without a worry.

4. The application of optimisation techniques to boost your ranking

Besides posting content that scores well within your current network, it’s also important to SEO-proof your page to increase your findability for new contacts. The more people from your target group that find your profile through the search results, the greater the chance that you’ll achieve your goals. Your personal content manager will therefore always integrate the right keywords in your copy and carry out optimisations on a regular basis to improve your ranking even more.

5. Cost-effective

Many people think that consulting an external partner is an expensive cost. Outsourcing to an external company, however, turns out to be very cost-effective. You can save up to 40% by outsourcing in comparison to an in-house solution. Because an external agency consists of a team of experts, you’ll also get more value for your money.


Three frequently asked questions about outsourcing and their answers

The benefits mentioned above sound very appealing, but maybe you still have some questions before you decide to outsource your personal content management. We’ll answer the three most common concerns below:

“Won’t my content lose its authenticity and personal touch when it’s created by someone else?”

Absolutely not! Several meetings will take place before you hand over your account. During these meetings, your content manager can get to know you and together you’ll work out a strategy that perfectly matches your personality and goals. The tone of voice will also be fully adapted to your personal style. You also get full access to the content planning, so you can always request changes or add requests before any post appears online.

“Do other professionals also consult an external partner to maintain their personal profile?”

Today, almost two-thirds of companies fully or partially outsource their marketing. Personal profile management is certainly a part of this. Because of the importance of authenticity, you won’t see it when a post has been created by an external partner. So your network won’t know that someone else is helping you create content.

“Does outsourcing mean that I lose complete control over my profile?”

No, you’ll always have access to your profile. You’ll stay free to share additional content, chat with your connections, network via communities, and so on. In addition to fully outsourcing your content management, you can also opt for partial outsourcing.

Wondering how Winger Academy can boost your personal profile? Then do not hesitate to contact us.


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