The LinkedIn Trends to Watch in 2024


Tom Baeten
January 31, 2024

While 2024 is knocking on the door, a retrospective glance at the past year learns us that LinkedIn’s landscape is more dynamic than ever. 2023 has bombarded us with new features, even as some were bounced to the ‘feature graveyard.’

Last year, LinkedIn particularly embraced artificial intelligence technology, launching various integrations on the platform. A shift to short video content caught our attention, and employee advocacy became a vital necessity in sales, marketing, and recruitment.

Discover our conversation with Jo Deferm about the trends for 2023. Did our predictions come true?

In 2024, LinkedIn is set to focus on merging advanced technology with a highly personal touch. We’re poised to witness a shift towards hyper-personalized content and communication, linked to a profound approach to relationship-building that goes beyond classical social and digital networking.

Here are the five LinkedIn trends
I predict for 2024:

Increased Focus on AI and Automation:
Businesses will continue leveraging AI to understand their target audience’s preferences, conduct preparatory and investigative work, and automate routine tasks. In 2023, we tried out the possibilities of AI and went on a journey of discovery. In 2024, we will increasingly explore how to add AI to our overall organization.This trend aligns with the growing need for efficiency in LinkedIn strategies, particularly in content creation and audience analysis.

However, we emphasize that while we advocate for content planning, we stand firmly against the use of data scrapers and automation tools on the LinkedIn platform. Such practices violate privacy laws, GDPR regulations, and LinkedIn’s user policy, which unequivocally blocks profiles upon detection. Moreover, they are ethically irresponsible, given the low response rate and the loss of 95% of approached individuals.

Strategic Platform Use:
Marketers will gravitate towards platforms offering the best ROI. Here, LinkedIn plays a pivotal role for tailored content and strategic networking, especially in professional and B2B contexts. With the expansion of LinkedIn statistics, it’s getting easier and easier to get an accurate picture of your results.

A ‘less is more’ policy becomes imperative for many companies amid the proliferation of platforms when aiming for channel-exclusive content.

SEO Strategy for LinkedIn:
I foresee LinkedIn’s search engine being increasingly used to find relevant people, companies, and especially content. Since 2018, you can search for others’ contributions using keywords, a feature still unknown to many LinkedIn members. Combined with Boolean search, it offers an efficient way to discover relevant content.

Example of boolean search operator: “Personal branding” AND LinkedIn

This trend of searching for relevant content on social media, already prevalent among other platforms and younger generations, is expected to eventually permeate LinkedIn.

Smile you’re on camera 🙂

Beyond basic personalization, we’ll see a shift towards ‘Conversational Based Marketing’ and ‘Account Based Marketing’. These approaches require a deeper understanding of individual needs and preferences and tailoring content and interactions on LinkedIn for specific audience segments.

Conversational marketing is a powerful strategy enabling businesses to communicate with their customers on a personal level. Using LinkedIn chat and engagement on their content, businesses can forge valuable relationships with their (potential) customers, leading to deeper engagement and loyalty.

In Account Based Marketing, you pre-select specific companies or groups of companies to target with customized sales and marketing campaigns, focusing on their unique needs. In this strategic approach, you can complement organic actions with targeted paid approaches to your target audience.

Sounds interesting? Schedule a virtual meeting and we will be happy to explain to you our approach and service offer.

The Need for Authenticity:
With the rise of AI-generated content, there’s a growing demand for 100% authentic human interactions. Users will increasingly seek genuine, authentic content and connections on LinkedIn, distinguishing between entirely AI-generated messages and those crafted by real people.

2024 promises to be another fascinating year. At Winger Academy, we sincerely hope it will be a year where bots and automation tools are excluded from the platform, where engagement pods will be punished with a dramatic lower reach, where the quality of our newsfeed improves further, and where content reach is equitably distributed among ALL the LinkedIn members, with ample attention to genuine and authentic engagement.

Such developments would greatly enhance the quality of the platform.

Cheers to a healthy, happy and successful 2024!

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